Friday, October 20, 2006


it was really tough to get up this morning considering i went to bed close to 5am. But, i managed to make it to my classes.

In my asian american studies class, we finished watching a movie that was shown yesterday in lecture. however, as you might recall, i didn't go to lecture because i was lazy and because i had the apartment appointment at 4. nonetheless, the film shown was a documentary shot by a boy using a handheld camera. the whole time i was watching i kept thinking, 'man, that guy looks cambodian' and i kept thinking it all the way until the end of the film where he was at a picnic was his whole family and they were bowing to each other and saying "chum-reap-sua" which is basically a formal way of saying hello in Khmer. yes, they were in fact cambodian!! i was so mad at myself for ditching lecture because everyone kept saying what a good movie it was! and of all people, the only cambodian in the class, missed it! grrr! but on a lighter note, i received a 97 on my midterm! :o)

My philosophy was a drag! my t.a. just moved here from alaska and although he tries and means well, he's just...weird! i mean, he's a really nice guy, but he just doesn't seem to be connecting to the students well. i know he has a passion for what he's teaching, but it's just BORING! i hope we get to subjects that are more fun so he doesn't have to try as hard to get our attention and get us involved. But, i also got my exam handed back to me in that class, and i received an a- composite score. not bad!

with classes done, nicholas and i took one of his dear friends to breakfast at ihop and he bought him a pack of cigarettes. it was nice. i haven't seen that kid in a few weeks! but other than that we cruised around the mall and then grabbed a couple of movies from the video store and now niko's taking a nap. i should join him, but my brain is too wired.

oh, something else i forgot to mention, my dad called me about half an hour ago asking why i called and i guess i accidentally called his phone while i was here, but the scary part is that the phone call lasted a good minute and a half, and i'm kind of nervous about what things me and niko were talking about! i hope it was all g-rated. HOPEFULLY!! but that's it for now...maybe more later! adios!

oops, one more thing (i promise) i ordered the cutest white patent peep hole pumps from ebay and they're way toooo small and way too high!! but, i feel bad for returning them, especially since i only paid $10 for the shoes and $12 for the s+h fee. grr, and i would sell them on ebay myself but i don't really know how, and the bottom of the shoe doesn't look glued on very well. yikes! time to start learning how to!

Hello Blog World...

Ok, i'm not really expecting anyone to really see what i write or anything, but i figured, why not?! i mean, i've always kept diaries when i was younger, but now i'll be able to include pictures and have my entries actually be ledgible!!! So here goes!...

This picture was taken this past summer '06. I was staying at my grandparent's house in Lala Land, as my aunt calls it, and i was babysitting my baby cousin Nina. I remember Nina woke me up with her cries from her parents leaving to work. Being the wonderful person that i am, hehe, i rushed downstairs to see what the problem was so my grandparents didn't have to stress over Nina. I eventually distracted Nina long enough for her parents to leave and i ended up playing with her for most of the morning and afternoon. And NO, i didn't get to take a shower or brush my teeth, or wash my face until Nina was taking her nap....& the end to this dreadfully long story, this picture was taken when Nina FINALLY took her nap. That's it...hehehe...i know, bad story!

anyways, here i am at 1AM, typing away when i really should be doing my readings for tomorrow's discussion. i figure since i still need to shower, i can read while i'm waiting for my hair to dry! :o) i know, i'm a lazy bum!

but about name is mara (mar-uh...not mare-uh!) i'm cambodian, 19, in college (i.l.l-i.n.i!), and am living in my very first apartment with my boyfriend of about 16 months! well, actually, i recently decided we should be friends, but considering we break up and get back together about once a week, i still consider him my boyfriend, whatever. We live in a teeny tiny apartment which we have to keep really clean, because people randomly come to look at the apartment between 3 & 5. Ga! I just want this stupid apartment to be picked already! i hate having to run around like a chicken with its head cut off whenever i hear a knock on the door!

Speaking of apartments, nicholas (my boyfriend/friend) and i actually started apartment searching ourselves yesterday and today. I had the great idea of getting a two bedroom apt so we each could have our own room, if we do indeed decide that we are better off as friends. plus, the two bedroom apt buildings have nicer rooms than the studio/efficiency/one bedroom apts. Yesterday we looked at apartments that were actually on the same block as our current building, but under different management. they actually, they were gross and smaller than our apt, which we thought was the smallest a apt could possible be! today we looked at a building which i've been eyeing since last year. i was so excited that we got there about 20 minutes early! ooops! so to keep warm, niko and i headed to the spurlock museum, right down the street. sadly, the place was empty, even though the museum is FREE of charge and has so many interesting things in it! but yeah, point of the story is that the apartments that we saw today weren't as nice as i dreamed, but i reallllllly liked them! i just can't decide whether to get one on the 2nd floor or the 3rd/top floor. I mean, when it rains or snow, we can't really be out on the balcony if we're on the 3rd floor, but it has a nicer view...hmmm. i have to make a decision soon because there are only 4 more rooms available! eeek!

anyways, back to me, hehehe. i have 2 older brothers (who i am not close with at all, sadly) and my parents are seperated. I have a bunch of cousins and uncles who are basically like my brothers and sisters. My loving grandparents are the biggest inspiration for me. i love them dearly and i wish they lived with me. i'm 5'5 with brown eyes and black hair (well, i made my cousin throw in some brown highlights). i currently have an obsession with finding cute shoes to buy (i've bought 2 in the past 3 days). other than that, i'm really no one special. just mara :o)

but here's a recap of today....

well, you know about the apartment search. I didn't go to my Media Literacy lecture because the prof posts her lectures online, and really, her lectures are so objective anyways. I also had THE puffiest eyes ever. I mean, my eyes are naturally puffy anyways (which i absolutely HATE, but niko loves) but this morning they were just swollen! (nicholas and i had a terrible, heart breaking fight, which almost severed our entire relationship) I went to my other classes, and it's been getting SO COLD out!! we ordered chinese from our fave restaurant on green st. and it took a good hour for the food to get here (cause our building is quite difficult to find) and it was funny because the delivery driver called niko to get the food, so he went outside to find him in the parking lot, and right when he left, there was a knock on the door and it turned out to be the cutest asian man (affectionately cute, not like justin timberlake cute) ever there with our food. THEN, since niko had the money to pay him, i took the food and went outside to try to find niko so he could pay the guy, and i couldn't find him anywhere!! so then, me and the delivery man split up and eventually niko comes walking from the other side of the building and gives the guy the money and a $4 tip. and we watched 'failure to launch' and chowed down!! it was nice. i thought i'd be spending the rest of the night with him, but his boss called and offered to pay him $15/hr to work if he came in at that moment. so he's gone. i miss him. i wish we could just go back to the way we once were when we didn't hold so many grudges against each other. boo! but yeah, i really should jump in that shower and start reading. i'm really not going to write this much in the future.....i hope! good night! :o)